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Room to Nurture: Cultivating and Living in a Sustainable Development

Room to Nurture: Cultivating and Living in a Sustainable Development

Viridian in Arlington, TX is special for many reasons, but did you know that this DFW master-planned community is eco-conscious and sustainable by design?

The CDC defines principles of a sustainable lifestyle that “minimize environmental impact and optimize inhabitant wellness.” 

Viridian provides its residents with plenty of opportunities to nurture sustainable living as a development built around nature and resident wellness.

How Does Viridian Nurture a Sustainable Development?

1. Eco-Friendly Home Building Standards

Homebuilders in Viridian abide by eco-conscious building standards by committing to energy-efficient new homes. Residents can enjoy energy-saving construction that reduces energy usage, improves indoor air quality, and efficient, long-lasting materials.

Visit our builders’ websites to learn more about their commitment to ensuring eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction, including:

2. Viridian is a Gold Level Audubon Certified Sanctuary

Viridian’s commitment to sustainable development earned it the highest level of certification from Audubon International. The community demonstrates comprehensive environmental planning to ensure the property is developed in a sustainable matter. As a result of careful planning, Viridian attracts plenty of wildlife.

This commitment to responsible landscaping, irrigation, and preservation of the natural wetland ecosystem gives residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy natural beauty while the many birds, reptiles, and native Texan plants enjoy a safe place to thrive.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Designed with miles of trails and paved pathways to encourage biking and walking, Viridian’s design makes it possible to reduce your carbon footprint. Nearby commercial amenities in Viridian Marketplace mean that residents don’t have to go far for fun and daily errands.

Green living can even start early - Viridian Elementary School is a high-performing public school located onsite within the community, and students and parents have the option of commuting to the school by bike.

The community’s prime location in the heart of DFW also helps residents reduce their carbon footprint with proximity to top employment centers in Dallas and Fort Worth.

There are many trails to enjoy running or biking in Viridian.

4. Resident Education and Outreach

All of life is about learning, and there are plenty of opportunities for residents to learn more about sustainable living.

For example, Elements at Viridian, the community’s 55+ active living community, offers cooking demonstrations and classes that will include Farm to Table and Sustainability.

The community’s event programming schedule strives to provide a variety of classes that allow residents to enjoy eco-friendly living. For example, the non-profit wildlife rehabilitation rescue organization Spiritual Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Sanctuary, Inc. has even paid a visit to the community to educate residents on how animals thrive and function in a Gold Sanctuary Audubon certified community.

A short walk away is River Legacy Park, a wildlife preserve residents can access by trail from Viridian. Their family-friendly environmental education and outreach programs have covered a multitude of topics around sustainability, including water conservation and the types of animals in Viridian that survive because of the water.

5. Community Recycling

Sustainability starts at home! Viridian residents can recycle from the comfort of home with recycling containers from trash services. There are also opportunities to learn from experts to properly discard hazardous materials like paint, motor oil, household chemicals, etc.

How Residents Can Embrace Sustainable Living

Interested in living sustainably at home? Even the smallest changes in habits can help.

1. Conserve energy. Turn off your lights when they’re not in use and use energy-efficient appliances.

Energy efficient appliances are the standard in Viridian.

2. Try smart technology. Explore options with a programmable thermostat that controls the temperature when you're not at home. Many of our builders have Smart Home options available.

3. Eat locally. Arlington has plenty of delicious options for eating local, which helps support local agriculture AND reduces food-packaging waste. Check out our blog on the top places for Arlington foodies!

4. Grow vegetables in your backyard. Take classes in Viridian’s event center or local garden center to learn all about growing your own vegetables. It’s a family-fun activity that helps children learn about sustainability and delivers delicious, locally grown food at the same time.

5. Recycle. Residents in Elements and Viridian can recycle curbside at home with the provided recycling container. Learn more about the City of Arlington’s accepted recycling materials.

6. Save water. Viridian saves water with sustainable landscaping. Residents here can talk to builders about landscaping packages that conserve water while keeping their yards beautiful.

Viridian saves water with sustainable landscaping.

Interested in Sustainable Living? Check out Our Community!

Viridian is a top-selling master-planned community in the DFW area that allows you to live the life you dream – and dreams can take on many forms. 

While many of our residents are attracted to the community’s resort-style recreation facilities, thriving lake life, natural outdoor amenities, and top location in the heart of the DFW area, many of our residents also adore living in a community with a proven commitment to nature. There are so many opportunities to recycle, get out into nature, connect with neighbors, conserve nature, and have fun in the process!

Interested in opportunities to purchase a new, eco-friendly home in Viridian? Talk to our builders for opportunities to nurture your dream lifestyle. 

Join our interest list to be the first to discover development updates, and news of available homes, and to receive invitations to community events. See you soon at Viridian!

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