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Room to Live: Making Way for Wildlife

Room to Live: Making Way for Wildlife

Don’t be alarmed, but some of our neighbors in Viridian have feathers. Some of them have shells. Viridian is made up of many animals and plants that bring our verdant community to life.

Viridian’s amenities were planned heavily around the inclusion of nature. This is why the community features a sparkling lake, winding trails, pocket green spaces, and even two dog parks just for our furry family members to play. With onsite protected wetlands, residents may have chance encounters with native birds, turtles, and beavers, while native plants are also used throughout community landscaping, preserving the environment with minimal irrigation.

Learn more about all the ways you can connect with your wild side in Viridian!

An Audubon International Certified Gold Sanctuary

Did you know that Viridian has a Gold Signature Certification from Audubon International? Although Audubon International does not have a formal affiliation with the National Audubon Society, they also take their name from John James Audubon, the world-renowned ornithologist and naturalist. Their website states, “Our mission is to create environmentally sustainable environments where people live, work, and play” (Audubon International).

As a Signature Sanctuary, Viridian demonstrates “comprehensive environmental planning with various stakeholders prior to and during construction so that the environmental health of the property is maintained in a sustainable manner.” Gold is the HIGHEST level of certification, proving Viridian’s commitment to protecting the natural ecosystem.

It’s part of the community’s core standard: creating an amazing community for humans while preserving and honoring the environment.

What Kind of Native Animals Can You See in Viridian?

A turtle is taken back home to Lake Viridian.

Go forth, little guy! A turtle is taken back home to Lake Viridian.

Viridian in Arlington is home to a wide variety of native Texas animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Residents only need to look outside the window or take a walk along one of the many community trails to see cute neighbors like Fox Squirrels, Eastern Cottontail Rabbits, and even the American Beaver. At night, your backyard may even get a friendly visit from a neighborhood Opossum (harmless critters who eat pesky bugs like ticks!).

The community is also a haven for bird watchers. Springtime brings American Robins and Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, and we’ve even spotted the American White Pelican on migration!

Some feathered friends stay year-round, including:

You can often find resident ducks hanging out at Lake Viridian like they own the place, and our bridges are homes to communities of egrets and swallows.

Family dogs are also a common sight on the trails in Viridian. Being a pet-friendly community means that everyone in the family can enjoy themselves! Check out this sighting of a friendly pup enjoying Lake Viridian.

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Which Plants are Native to Arlington, TX?

Viridian’s commitment to preserving the natural ecosystem means including native plants in the landscape design throughout the community. These plants will require less water overall and thrive in the Texas sun all while providing tranquil beauty to pocket parks, trails, and the many homes throughout the community.

The City of Arlington website describes Texas native plants as, “hardy, having evolved in our unpredictable and sometimes harsh climate. They thrive on the soils that occur here and on the specific nutrients in those soils. These plants have more resistance to regional pests and diseases.”

Common plants you’ll find in Viridian’s community landscaping

Common plants you’ll find in Viridian’s community landscaping (and personal gardens!) include:

Spring and summer are especially beautiful with hills of lush native grasses like buffalograss and colorful wildflowers that cover the landscape in brilliant yellows, pinks, purples, and whites.

Nature and You: It’s a Perfect Match Made in Viridian

Residents enjoy outdoor amenities in Viridian DFW

Love nature? It will love you back when you build your new home here! There’s room to live for you and all your wild neighbors in Viridian.

The community plan was designed to encourage residents to get outside and enjoy walking instead of driving in cars. Green space is readily accessible throughout the community, many within direct walking distance of homes, allowing residents to enjoy nature easily. Outdoor spaces also have plenty of places to rest with benches and chairs along the trails and within parks.  

There are plenty of community events that get you out the house to connect with nature, plus a resort-style amenity complex. Start your home search today: custom estate homes by the lake are still available, or browse available single-family and townhomes online.

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