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Building a House in the New Year

Building a House in the New Year

Room to Dream

Is it a good time to buy a house? We think there are several reasons why it might be the right time to buy your new home, yes! You've been dreaming of the perfect work from home office space, an upgraded kitchen island, and a covered patio all year. We’ve put together a guide below for factors to consider as you weigh building a new house vs buying an existing one.

First and foremost, considering that the cost to renovate a house can range anywhere from $15,000 -$200,000, it's no surprise that more homebuyers are turning to new construction homes. Whether you want to build a new home filled with the latest upgrades and a design you've been dreaming of, or you prefer a new home that's already move-in ready for you right now, it's important to know your options.

What's included in this guide:

  1. Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?
  2. Should I Build a House? Or Buy a House?
  3. Where Do I Start? What are the Steps to Building a House?
  4. Why Buy a New House When I Can Renovate?
  5. Room to Dream – The House You’ve Been Dreaming of 
  6. Find Your Dream Home in Viridian


Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

There are several factors to consider when you’re deciding your timeline to buy a new home and make your move. It all depends on what is most important to you – are you looking to get the best price, trying to find the home that checks all of your boxes (so you’ll have to be more patient) or needing to move at a certain time (because of a relocation or family member’s school schedule)?

  1. Best month for the best deals - The real estate market is very saturated during spring and summer months. If price is the main deciding factor for you, late fall into winter is the best timeline for you. December in particular gives you the best chance at receiving a price reduction or a builder incentive with the market having less competition, according to this guide by Zillow.
  2. Best year for the market and the economy - Right now interest rates are at an all time low, which makes home buying inherently more affordable and a feasible option for more people. Lower interest rates also mean you can buy more home or possibly even spend more at the design center to customize your home to fit your own style and lifestyle.
  3. Best home choices – the beauty of choosing to buy a new construction home is that if you’re very particular about the home that you’re looking for, you don’t have the pressure of “will that one move off the market before I can get to the open house?” or the stress of getting into a bidding war. Working with a builder can help you pick your floor plan, make your design selections and know that you’re in control of your home checklist without competing with other homebuyers on an existing home.
  4. Best time for you - You should always plan to buy a house when it makes sense to you and your timeline. Kids starting a new school? Moving your kids during the summer allows them to get to know their future classmates in the neighborhood before going back to school. Big sports fan? Maybe stay away from packing boxes during big games. Consider planning ahead so that your life will have the least disruption and the best opportunity to quickly make the move.

For reasons why now is the best time to buy a house in Viridian

Check out our guide

Reasons it's the best time to buy a new home


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Should I Build a House? Or Buy a House?

In our opinion, building a house is almost always better than buying a previously owned home. Some of the best reasons from our guide are as follows:

Want the whole guide for 10 Benefits of Buying New Construction vs Resale?


10 Benefits of Buying New Construction vs. Resale
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Where Do I Start? What are the Steps to Building a House?

You have picked your community and narrowed down your builder selections. Congratulations! What’s next? We have provided 6 steps to help you as you begin this exciting journey.

  1. Determine Your Budget - Before you can start designing your dream home, you first need to establish your building budget. Having a pre-approved mortgage loan so that you are able to determine your range when you are selecting a desired builder and a home plan is best. This step is very important and will allow you to plan your budget with a number in mind. Lower interest rates combined with builder incentives can help make a new home even more affordable. During certain times of the year builders might offer a variety of money- saving options. This can be anything from reduction in closing costs to design center credit and more. Be sure to check the community and/or builder websites or speak to a builder sales representative for more information on these possible incentives.
  2. Talk to a Home Builder - It is always important to ask questions and have a set plan prior to starting your home build. In order to decide on the perfect builder to make your dream house a reality, you should let them know of any questions you may have about the process. Some questions to consider asking: What features are standard? What is your average build time from plan and lot decision to move-in? Do you have a preferred lender? It is also helpful to take a look at the model homes available by the builder to clarify your vision or tour any available move-in ready homes to see. Who knows? Your dream home might even already be waiting for you.
  3. Research Design Options - This is definitely the most exciting step! After figuring out what comes standard with your new home, be sure to check what your upgrade allowance is. Since designing options are one of the most significant parts to building a house, it is very important to prepare a plan and have determined what is essential to your lifestyle. Many homebuilders have Design Centers where you can visit and see finish options in-person. After scouring the internet for hours looking for design selections and visiting the Design Center, don’t forget to make sure it all fits into your budget. With that being said, when you’re building a custom home, the sky’s the limit.
  4. Find Out About Inspections, Warranties, and Other Fees - There are many phases when it comes to the new home building process. Find out who is your dedicated building representative and make sure there is a plan in place for when problems start to appear and how they will handle them. This helps make the process much less intimidating as you continue the journey through the building process. Some of the questions you may want to ask about the process include questions about home inspections and warranties. You will also want to have a timeline in place with your builder for construction and milestones.
  5. Ask About Builder Incentives - What are builder incentives? Incentives can help push you over the threshold and make it the best time for you to buy. Maybe you are ready to close, but don’t have the funds to do so. Some home builders offer a special promotion especially for closing costs. This can ensure you reach your goal within your optimal timeline. Be sure to do the research and see what builder incentives are available that can help you with the purchase of your dream home.
  6. Set a Time and Closing - Building your own home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Before you start updating all of your friends and family of your new address, make sure you have a clear idea of what the timeline from the first concrete pour to closing will be. This is a crucial step so make sure you talk through it thoroughly with your builder.  

Our guide is a helpful tool for navigating the steps to building a house - from floor plan selection, budgeting and selecting finishes.

Download the Guide

6 Steps to Building Your Dream Home in Arlington, TX


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Why Buy a New House When I Can Renovate?

The cost to renovate a house can lead to overspending in your home budget in the blink of an eye. There are many advantages that buying a new house has over remodeling in order to avoid a potential budget crunch.

Here are a few reasons why building a new home is more convenient than remodeling a home.


Room to Dream – The House You’ve Been Dreaming of

Top 5 Features You'll LOVE in a New Home

  1. Work From Home Flex Space Options - you can design the home office of your dreams. Choose the storage and layout to create the optimal space that encourages productivity.
  2. Wi-Fi Connection & Smart Home Functions - Several builders have different options for connectivity and many new construction homes offer built-in smart home technology and features. This option is far less expensive and safer than having to rewire the house for optimal technology yourself.
  3. Energy Efficiency Built In - New appliances, energy-saving windows, and insulation are sure to make a huge difference on your monthly utility bill. Our builders all share a passion for diligent, green-building practices that result in a sustainable home built for generations.
  4. Functional Designer Spaces - Think beyond the essentials of your home and incorporate spaces that truly help to enhance your unique household. Our builders design the latest open concept kitchen layouts, most luxurious owners' retreat with walk in closets, spa-like bathrooms, and flex space options (media rooms, game rooms, second home offices, an at-home gym), and more!
  5. Builder Warranty - New homes aren’t impervious to problems, but at least you know that many potential issues would be covered by your home warranty. You can’t say that about most older homes, unless you purchase a third-party warranty on top of the price of the home. Also, most third-party warranties won’t cover as much as a builder’s warranty, which is why you have to be careful about checking your contract.

Want the whole guide for 10 Benefits of Buying New Construction vs Resale?

Visit Our Learning Center

10 Benefits of Buying New Construction Homes vs. Resale.


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Find Your Dream Home in Viridian

If you are ready to find the home of your dreams, Viridian creates a sense of community you won’t find anywhere else in DFW.

Teeming with wildlife, Viridian boasts a 2,000-acre master plan that includes five major lakes, 500 acres of open space and an additional 500 acres of lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. Located in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth, with Arlington comfortably located about 20 minutes from both downtowns. These new homes in Arlington will be just steps away from a thriving town square with retail, business and medical offices as well as endless amenities for active lifestyles. As part of the HEB ISD, Viridian Elementary School is part of a school district recognized for its superior curriculum, making it the district of choice for families seeking an academic edge. With miles of nature trails connecting to the River Legacy Park and the Living Science Center, Viridian is unlike anywhere else in the metroplex. 

The new home builders at Viridian offer attractive floorplan options ranging from townhomes to single-family, luxury estate and custom homes, and even 55+ active lifestyle homes with prices ranging from the upper $200s to the millions. Plus, Viridian partners with some of the most prominent new home builders in DFW who share a passion for diligent, green-building practices that result in a sustainable home built for the generations. 

Explore the offerings of Viridian home builders using our model home map to plan your visit, begin your home search now or view the current builder incentives to homebuyers.


Join our interest list to be the first to discover development updates, news of available homes, and to receive invitations to community events. See you soon at Viridian!



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