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Room to Create: Embracing Creativity and Crafting in Elements at Viridian

Room to Create: Embracing Creativity and Crafting in Elements at Viridian

“Craft makes our homes more human." - Ilsa Crawford

More people in all life stages are embracing arts and crafts, and creators/makers are more common than ever. Pinterest and YouTube are filled with tutorials in everything from sewing techniques to writing tips, to advanced painting and gardening.

From cooking to woodworking and everything in between, crafts and creativity are an essential part of modern life. In fact, the Global Arts & Crafts Supplies Market is expected to grow from $36,482.16 million in 2020 to $51,484.82 million by the end of 2025!

In 55+ communities like Elements at Viridian, there are ample opportunities to embrace your inner maker. Explore all the ways you can get crafting in your new home in our 55+ residential community.

Putting Green in Backyard for Outdoor Fun

Top 5 Ways to Be Creative in Elements at Viridian

#1. Flex Spaces as a Hobby Room

Did you know that many of the single-story floor plans in Elements at Viridian have the option of a flex space? Owning your home in Viridian means the freedom to explore your passions in your own personal hobby room.

Think of it as an “extra bedroom” that can be repurposed to be a flexible space for crafting. We’ve seen some flex rooms transform into sewing rooms, home offices for writing, painting rooms, and other maker spaces. In your best years, take your time to enjoy crafting from the comfort of home.

#2. Backyard and Garage Hobbies

Into woodworking or gardening? Owning your own home in Elements means the freedom to take your passions outdoors. Whether you’d like to try your hand at building your own cabinets or trying a backyard garden, the choice is yours in your new home. You could even try container farming and enjoy the bounty of growing your own vegetables!

#3. Get Cooking in the Magnolia Demonstration Kitchen and on the Terrace

For some, the dinner plate is their canvas, and there’s a perfect classroom to nurture your craft in Elements at Viridian. The nationally recognized Magnolia Lifestyle Center is home to a spacious demonstration kitchen that occasionally hosts cooking classes exclusively for residents of Elements. The skills learned during classes are easy to take home with you to your own dream kitchen for a picture-perfect meal. You can also swap tips with neighbors on the terrace of the Magnolia, home of a Big Green Egg grill!

#4. Explore Creative Outlets and Inspiration in Arlington, TX

Did you know that there are plenty of things to do in Arlington, TX? The city is a wonderland of ways to explore creativity. The arts culture in Arlington, TX inspires with destinations like The Gallery at UT, Kimbell Art Museum, and Sculpture Trail at Richard Greene Linear Park.

Get inspired with beautiful natural locations like River Legacy, a non-profit nature park with picnic areas, trails, and river overlooks that would make perfect drawing or painting subjects. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is only a short drive away from Elements at Viridian, featuring themed gardens that are sure to inspire your next work of art. Parks throughout the city (and back home in Viridian!) can make for perfect getaways to read and write.

#5. Community Classes and Clubs

Do you enjoy combining your creativity with other makers? Elements at Viridian offers social programming and recreational opportunities that bring like-minded neighbors together.

Clubs in Elements at Viridian help you nurture your passions and find new hobbies at any stage of life. Grow your mind (and library!) with the on-site book club, explore great pairings with the wine club, or learn the ins and outs of backyard farming in the garden club. Clubs are an excellent opportunity to find people with similar interests while scratching that creative itch.

Social programming blends everything from parking lot trivia, drive-thru events, and parking lot bingo to safely bring neighbors together. With plenty of opportunities to connect, it won’t be too long before you find people who share your passions.

Sewing and Crafting Room in a 55+ Community

Let’s Get Crafting!

There’s room to create in Elements at Viridian with an exuberant lifestyle that embraces lifelong learning and making. Take time to explore the many community amenities in this 55+ community, purposefully built to encourage interactions with neighbors and foster a strong community. The community’s prime location in Arlington, TX combines the best of quaint suburbia with the inspiration and resources of the city.

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