Sailing Center Classes & Camps 

If you've never sailed before but always wanted to, camps and classes are offered to gain knowledge and skill. Both residents and the public can purchase an Annual Pass, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the sailing classes and camps below. You must be a current annual pass holder to register for Adult classes. For 2019 season, camps participants do not need to be annual pass holders. Subject to change without notice.
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Level 1 


This introductory course is included with the purchase of the Annual Pass. If you've never sailed before but always wanted to, this course is for you! It will equip you with basic sailing knowledge to help you feel more comfortable on the water. This is a 3 hour course; participants must be 18 or older and a current annual pass holder.

Experienced sailors are invited to skip the Adult Level 1 Class by "Challenging the Course". In this challenge, you will demonstrate your sailing knowledge and skills. Schedule a "Challenge the Course" appointment by emailing You may only "Challenge the Course" once and must be a current annual pass holder.


Students will learn the fundamentals of sailing through actual time on the water, sailing with supervision. They will learn by doing, experiencing how the wind moves a sailboat. They will be introduced to all the important parts of sailboats as well as wind strength, wind direction, flotation fundamentals and basic weather influences on sailing. This camp includes hands-on, investigative and experience-based lessons that create excellent memories. Limited to ages 8-17. 

Level 2


A course for those who are familiar with sailing and desire to receive a little more coaching and training. Cost: $150/person for 3 hours private class. Prerequisite completion of Level 1 Camp. Available for Junior, Teen and Adults. 

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