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Lots of Buzzing About

Lots of Buzzing About

Spring is in full swing here in the Viridian. In the month of April, the community’s developer put on the DFW Showcase Tour of Homes, featuring live music, cooking demonstrations, and craft brew pairings. For the event, huge colorful butterflies sprouted up at each entrance into the community, inviting newcomers and neighbors to see what all the buzz is about at the new model home park. The models are definite must see for home decor inspiration and design trends. I can’t wait to add some of them to my Pinterest board.

Stephen and I decided to host Easter at our home this year. Our extended family loved our new home and the neighborhood, they have never seen a community quite like this before. Aside from the plastic and chocolate egg varieties, the young cousins discovered a nest of real eggs in the nearby nature preserve and were careful not to disturb.

It’s great to see that local wildlife is finding a home in the neighborhood. I have sighted several duck and bird species moving into the nature preserve across the street from my front porch. The other day, I saw a pair of mallard ducks wander down the street to my neighbor’s lawn and pause as if to say “hey honey, what do you think about this one?” Just recently, I encountered a mother duck with her new baby ducklings along the sidewalk of Lemon Grass Way.

With the warmer weather and longer days, my dog Blitz and I have been running from the Viridian to the River Legacy Trails almost every other day. It’s so enthralling to run in the evening as the sky becomes a thousand different colors along the panoramic landscape along my route. I love running past the neighborhood parks with the perfectly manicured lawns and spaced lawn chairs. The parks have come alive with neighbors and fellow dog owners.

As I run, I never know what critter might be around the corner on River Legacy. I see quite a few armadillos scuttle across the trail and the occasional bobcat. My favorite part of our run is going under the North Collins bridge where there are hundreds of swallows diving down to collect water from the lake to build their nests. Blitz has taken to jumping into lake to cool off afterwards in true labrador fashion.

In celebration of Earth Day, the Artisan’s Market and Bioblitz was a lovely gathering of neighbors, vendors, and wildlife experts at Overlook Park. I got meet representatives from the Arlington Parks and Recreation. They were handing out free tree saplings for residents to plant. I got to sample a variety of craft brews and artisan cheeses while reconnecting with my friends from the Viridian Sailing Center, zumba and yoga class.

Stephen and I have been out on Lake Viridian a few times this month. I finally convinced Stephen to come out on a sailboat with me and I’m in the process of teaching him how to sail. I have on good authority that the water is still a little chilly but not too bad. I’m looking forward to wrapping up this month with the Portsmouth and Potluck this Sunday.

Rachel Coward, Viridian Resident Blogger

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